Fantasy Comics Staff and Friends

Tom: Big Boss!

Matt: Scary Fox!

Kellen: Star Fox!

Nate: Red Fox!

B.C.: Chicken Fox!


This is Lisa Marie, our Diamond Comics Distributor Customer Service Liason Supervisor. Way to go! Jealous she isn't yours?

Tom and Michael hard at work @ Twist and Shout Records! Go there and buy some vinyl.

Klaus and Ruth pose with Howard the Duck, for the movie opening, at the Campbell & Glenn - Fantasy Comics location, in 1986.

The newest additions to Fantasy Comics wall. Courtesy of Kellen.

Christmas gourds by Kellen.

Halloween gourds by Kellen.


If fishes were looking to the front of our store.

Tom and The Crow Screenplay Writer David Schow. BFF! Awww.

Alex M. writes his own comics and has designed a GREAT logo for our T-Shirt coming out soon!

Steve W. of Postal the video game and Executive Producer of the soon to be Motion Picture.

The weeks biggest customers. Every week. BOO-YAH-CAH!

Betty rocks a stylish Fantasy Comics T - Shirt.

Gene Armstrong of the Tucson Weekly. He enjoys comics and music.

His name is Rio and... well I don't want to assume his stance on dancing or sand.

The crew at work. Hardly.

This fella's skull is as HARD as his name!

Adam enjoys comics and scary clown pictures. Why do you hate us?

This Ben is almost as big as the clock in London.

Mike J. makes films and has great ideas for Utopia!

Klaus comes here from Phoenix to get comics. Hear that Phoenix comic stores!

Rene also drives all the way down from Phoenix for his comics! And to beat on Kellen!

Craig is one of our SCARIEST customers! EVER!

Jon P., Another Tucson Celebrity. KNEEL BEFORE JON! Poor Chris.

Kyle makes shopping here safe too.

Ken and Chris love Comics.

Dirk Deppey: Online Editor, The Comics Journal; Writer, ¡Journalista!

This man is a Doctor. He reads comics and doesn't know why "that" hurts!

See! Women do too come into places like this! Told ya!

This is Chris, one of our most steady customers.


Wednesdays are busy.

Marty of Last Call Brawlers fame and some mystery lady not his girlfriend Elizabeth. Really.

This is a Crazy German woman. If you see her on the street, RUN THE OTHER WAY!!

Henry the Great!

Chris O. is kind to small mammals and even buys stuff for his sister.

Sean T. supports the good ol' U. S. of A. and Fantasy Comics!

This Matt loves Firestorm.

This Matt does not. He likes the P.E. and he Fights the Power!

Car Mechanics read Comics.

So do SURLY construction workers!

Even Football Coaches can't stay away from the funnybooks.

B-Rock looking for Star Wars back issues.

Lance and nephew looking sad. See how sad they look. It's very sad how sad they look.

Joel is a better Photographer than I. Sorry man.

Los Bros. Martinez happily buy their comics.

Lover of all that is Silver and Galactus! Bow before HE!

Big D! He don't smile at anything he don't like. Whys he lookin' at me like that then?

This guy can tear Cerebus trades in half! Seriously! Look at those guns! (They're registered with the cops.)

This Dave understands the frustration of ordering too much Manga!

Derek buys the old stuff. The older the berry, the sweeter the juice!