June 23rd Fantasy Comics Signing Event Photos!


The start of the signing.

Ramping up to busy!

Where are the Pro's? Behind all the peoples.

Here they are in all their glory.

BC waiting in line even though he works here. What a good guy!

Tom and the Boys hangin' out.

Bernie Wrightson signing his sketchbook " Unusual Suspects" for a happy customer.

Tim Bradstreet talks to Aaron B. about art and how to grow a HUGE beard.

This picture has everyone: Frank Dietz, David J. Schow, Tim Bradstreet, Bernie Wrightson, and Steve Niles. Cool @$$ People!!

Here is the back of Kyle's, Bernie's and Tom's head.

What a bunch of NERDS! Luddite Tom being the exception, of course.

Brock is soooo happy to be at the signing! I know it is hard to tell!

Brett talks to Tim Bradstreet about proofs.

What's your name little kid?

Frank signs or sketches or does something cool for a fan.

The fella to the far right is Bernie's long lost cousin. They finally met at the signing. Don't you wish he was your cousin?

Black is this seasons new.... black?

Byron B. at the kids table. Poor Byron.

Frank, Klaus, and David J.

Dan P. talks to Tim B. They sound like a Rap duo.

Darren looks at Frank's sketchbooks.

David J. Schow likes writing on children. It amuses him to do so.

See! I told you so. What a weirdo!

"Where's my money at man? Don't make me have my associate here get it from you!" (They came here for free by the way!)

At least the kid got out of the shirt before David J. got to it. Weirdo.

Richard D. has fun with Steve Niles.

Alright! This has got to stop! Seriously! Stop it!

John makes sure everyone stays in line.

1-2-3-4 Let's have a camera war!

Huge crowds anxiously await the Pro's.

Big lines!

Adam M., Jerry D., and the Punisher wait in line.

Jerry D. and Richard D. enjoying the Guests.

John folded all the new T-Shirts that were being given out that day.

Matt O. asks Kellen what all these people are doing in the store. Kellen responds with "!?!"

Kellen makes sure this lady doesn't start anymore knife fights at the signing.

Marty M. asks why Bernie ruined his copy of Creepshow, by writing his name on it.

Matt O. brought a knife to a gun fight. I mean Disney comics to a Horror signing.

Bernie "Enjoys" the Arizona sunshine.

3 times 4 eyes = X-ray vision.

Working signings make me have a double chin. Look at Rocky staring at it. Quit staring!

"So I says wrecked 'em! Damned near killed 'em!"

Bernie smiles politely while Steve rolls his eyes at Kellens idea for a comic called "30 Days of Partly Cloudy Skies and Warm Breezes!"

Bernie and Steve working very hard to make all that showed up very happy!

Frank Dietz's potraits on display.

Steve and Adam M. having a dicussion about Kellen's "Original Idea".

David J. corrupts Bernie and Steve with his strange T-Shirt fetish. Bad David J. Schow!

"Excuse me sir! We asked that you don't read our books before you purchase them. I don't care if you wrote them!"

Steve informs the fella in the Marvel Zombies shirt that he is in fact not writing the next arc.

Tim and Bernie dutifully working for their fans!

"Who are you supposed to be? Corey Hart?'

Tim and Dan P. are looked upon by David J. mockingly.

Everyone looking off balance. The Boozing hadn't even started yet.

Or, maybe it had.

Tom helping out.

Tom looks on disapprovingly at David J.'s unnatural obsession. Frank assures Tom that they are getting him help.

This nice young lady brought these fine Gents a Ton of chocolate! Thanks nice lady.

Tom helps people accept their inner nerdiness.

Tim makes the store more valuable by autographing it!

The end of the signing! Now for MEAT and BEER!

All aboard the Booze Train! Woo Choo!

Tim makes faces like this after imbibing spirits.

Bernie looking for more meat and beer.

Bernie and Steve laughing at the faces Tim keeps making.

Steve is holding up a replica Star Trek communicator to show the guys how cool it is. David J. ain't buying it!

Steve tries to let Kellen down easy about rejecting his "comic" proposal.

That Tim's at it again! That guy is ZANY! Chug-a-lug!

The fellas being very cool! Thanks guys!