Thanks to all of you who showed up for Fantasy Comics Annual Halloween Sale!!! Here are some photos from that day, so enjoy!

I don't know how Dr. Acula actually showed up in this picture.
Maybe Vampires can't evade the digital age.

Thats one scary cowboy lookin' over at "Healthier" Kurt Cobain!

Dr. Acula checking the vitals of Kurt. "I thought you were dead too?"

The cowboy was willing to help Kurt get out of this world again.

Zombies looks for braaaaaiiiins... oops, I mean baaaaarrrrrgins.

Raph(f?)'s buddy wonders what you're staring at?

I thought halloween colors were orange, green, and black. Blasphemers! May the Great Pumpkin have mercy on your souls!!!

Thats a whole lotta nerds.

WolverJesus will slice you up Bub!

Mrs. E pointing out all of the nerds in the store. " They're all over!"

Doesn't this guy look like he's trying to stick those books down his pants while talking on a cell phone?

"What do you mean there's a sale today?" Poor Dave.

Many comics were sold that day. So where were you?

Some people resorted to reading comics as opposed to buying them for a discounted price. Damned Germans!

Can you spot Big D. in this picture?

Are you sad Dr. Acula cause your heart don't beat no more?

Mike M. snaps up many Hardcover books. Hope his ol' lady realizes that he really didn't spend all that much.

Hanki-Wan Nerdobi and his robut sidekick R2DStephanie. He claims his Schwartz is as big as yours.

(from left to right:) Brock, Stephen, Luis, someguy, someguy, and some other guy.

I don't know why Matts dancing either.

Buzz Lightyear and crew. oh yeah, Mom and Dad too.

What Matt doesn't realize is that this Sandman won't actually put him to sleep nor bring him a dream.